How 11 minutes of daily exercise can prolong your life

Exercise is something most of us aspire to fit into our daily routine, but are often unable to due to our “busy” schedules.

Research published this week in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that only 11 minutes of daily moderate exercise could slash the risk of premature death, noted NBC News.

The study says that one in 10 premature deaths might be averted if everyone does moderate exercise like walking and cycling, for 75 minutes per week.

While vigorous intensity exercises are those where it becomes difficult to carry on a conversation, such as hiking, jogging, running, swimming fast, and aerobics.

According to the new study, adults who practice 150 minutes of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity per week are 31 per cent less likely to die than inactive people.

They also have a 29 per cent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease and a 15 per cent lower risk of death from cancer, reported CNN.

This amount of physical activity also lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 27 per cent and cancer by 12 per cent. If people exercised for 150 minutes a week, all premature deaths may be prevented.

In some cancers, like myeloid leukemia, myeloma and some stomach cancers, the risk is reduced by as much as 26 per cent, noted The Washington Post.

The study shows that only a few minutes of daily exercise can bring positive health outcomes. The epidemiologist has warned that 11 minutes should not be considered as a minimum or maximum daily target.